Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adrienne Bailon Solo Singles Including The Newest "SUPER BAD"

TheCheetahGirlsTCG is finally back! And the 2009-onward run will start with this blog post of the mega-former-Cheetah-Girl, Adrienne Bailon, smashing solo singles!

Adrienne is currently finishing to record tracks from her upcoming debut album, "Price of Fame", which is set for release on September 2009. She will be having her album photo shoot next week. A song from the album was released yesterday called "Superbad". Well, THE SONG IS SO HOT! What can you guys say about it? CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM RELEASE!

Click the song you want to download:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Cheetah Girls: Wal-Mart Soundcheck Live DOWNLOAD LINK

This is the official download link of the very high quality rip of The Cheetah Girls: Soundcheck (Wal-Mart Exclusive) Live EP. It was ripped by "SeA Releases". Hope you guys love it! :)

Artist: The Cheetah Girls
Album: The Cheetah Girls Soundcheck (Wal-Mart Exclusive) (Live)
Genre: Pop, Rnb, Soundtrack
Source: Web
Year: 2008
Quality: CBR 256 kbps
Release date: 8/19/08
Total size: 30.79 MB


1. (00:03:28) Strut (Original Performance Series)
2. (00:02:57) One World (Original Performance Series)
3. (00:03:21) Cheetah Love (Original Performance Series)
4. (00:03:39) Break Out This Box (Original Performance Series)
5. (00:03:24) Dance Me If You Can (Original Performance Series


Saturday, July 11, 2009

"The Cheetah Girls: Live In Madrid" Concert DOWNLOAD LINK

Here is the download link of The Cheetah Girls: One World Tour's first leg of performance, live in Madrid. The Cheetahs performed for the Spanish fans some songs from the movies and a song from their studio album, "TCG". A high definition DVD and high quality CD will be available for official digital download this coming December 2009, which will be released by "ESDY", the president of The Cheetah Girls: Spain Fans Club.

Here's the official digital download information:

The Cheetah Girls Live in Madrid EP
Release date: December 2009
Run Time: 40 min approx.
CD: December 2009 (5 Tracks)
DVD: December 2009 (HD Around 1 Gb)


CD and DVD:
01.The Partys Just Begun (Live in Madrid)
02.Fuego (Live in Madrid)
03.Amigas Cheetah (Live in Madrid)
04.Dance me if you can (Live in Madrid)
05.One World (Live in Madrid)

*I will post the download link for this exclusive digital download as soon as it comes out. ;) For the mean time, here is the recorded footage and high quality TV-rip of the concert. ENJOY! :)

*Credits go to Jordan of Jordan's Media Source for the link. ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cheetah Girls: One World Tour 2008 COMPLETE FOOTAGE

This is the complete compilation of The Cheetah Girls: One World Tour 2008 video uploads on YouTube. It is composed of 14 videos including all songs from the One World tour. These are all in high qualities.


"Cheetah Love"
"So Bring It On"
"Dig a Little Deeper"

"Feels Like Love"
"Strut" (Fashion Show)
"Cinderella: Ballad Version"
"What If" (Adrienne's Solo Song)

"Girl Power"
"Break Out This Box"
"Dance Me If You Can"
"No Place Like Us"

South America
"The Party's Just Begun"
"Crazy On The Dance Floor" (Sabrina's Solo Dance)

Comander Kiely (Kiely's Solo Moment)
"Shake a Tail Feather"
"Route 66"

India: Finale
"One World"

Thanks so much to all YouTube users who have uploaded these videos. ;) ENJOY! :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Cheetah Girls' "Fuego" Cabana Mix DOWNLOAD

This is the download link for the HOT Cabana Mix of The Cheetah Girls' single off their album, TCG, "FUEGO".
Please do credit TheCheetahGirlsTCG.Blogspot.Com if anyone will re-post the download link, THANKS! =D

"Fuego" Cabana Mix

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homesick (Unreleased Version) Download Link Had To Be Deleted

The Legal owner of Kiely's World website just emailed me to delete my post of The Cheetah Girls' Homesick, the unreleased version. It should only be used in Kiely's World Music in MySpace and should not be leaked throughout the Internet. Furthermore, I was advised to remove my post so that no other any violations or acts will be done to my site, The Cheetah Girls TCG.

ALSO, you guys will no longer be able to listen to it at Kiely's World Music in MySpace because they had it to be removed. BUT I MADE A WAY FOR YOU GUYS WHO LOVED THE VERSION!!
You may listen to it on my Cheetah Girls' YouTube Channel! I uploaded this video so if you will repost it in other pages, please credit and GElo22LOVESblue. Thank you so much! :P

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uncontrollable and Big Spender Download Link (Exclusively Here at TheCheetahGirlsTCG!)

Hey Adrienne Bailon fans! Here are the official download links of "Big Spender" and "Uncontrollable", songs that she has recorded for The Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. I got the chance to rip it off iTunes last night and the good thing is that is is 100% high quality. :)

Please credit if you'll re-post the download links to any other websites.

*Photo courtesy of Aly from Adrienne-Besos Blog. Thanks! :D*


Big Spender

Saturday, January 31, 2009

TheCheetahGirlsTCG EXCLUSIVE! "Meow.."

Hey guys! We all know that The Cheetah Girls, together with Kim and Robert Kardashan, did a horror/cmedy spoof-movie when they are still doing The Cheetah Girls One World Tour.
So to those people who want to have a copy of the movie, the download link of "Meow..." will be soon posted, brought to you me, Angelo, and TheCheetahGirlsOneWorld.Blogspot.Com!

Starring The Cheetah Girls: Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams with Kim Kardashan, Robert Kardashan and some tour crew and dancers.
Approximate running time: 30 minutes

For now, you can watch the movie:

DOWNLOAD (Coming Real SOON!)

Friday, January 30, 2009

KielysWorld.Com Starts

KielysWorld.Com will finally be opening soon.
Before the official site, they opened a Facebook and MySpace profiles for fans of these online sites.

Adrienne Finally Confirms! The Break-Up & The Last Movie

Almost two months after rumor swirling in the media claims The Cheetah Girls splitting after completing their tour, Adrienne Bailon, one of the band's members, comes out with a statement confirming the issue is true. Speaking to Just Jared Jr., the singer says, "I think that the brand has now come to an end."

"But like everything - High School Musical will no longer be. Same thing. We had a great run," Adrienne shares further. "But I think Disney - it was a platform for us to continue the dreams and they want to spread the same Cheetah Girl message to carry with us, which is Girl empowerment. Every project that the three of us do will always incorporate that."

Following her confirmation, Adrienne also insists that they will always be friends regardless what happened. She states, "We'll be friends forever. We've always connected in a way - like the first time I ever had a Barbie was a Sabrina [Bryan] and Kiely [Williams] doll. I will never forget that. It was a great experience and I'm really, really happy I was a part of it."

Kiely Williams previously stated that the break-up decision is resulted from the negative publications surrounding them in the media lately. "We were excited about going out on a high note, it's sad that this negative attention [Adrienne's nude photos] put a damper on that," she said.

They just finished their final promotions on their last Cheetah Girls installment, The Cheetah Girls One World, DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Hope you all would get a copy not only of One World DVD, but also, The Cheetah Girls and The Cheetah Girls 2 to serve as remembrances of these wonderful and talented girls. I guess everything's clear, NO MORE SHANGHAI NIGHTS.

Source: AceShowbiz.Com

Adrienne's Solo Career Starts

We all know that our beloved TCG broke up already last month, but as a true fan, I will still continue to post blogs and newsflash about their solo projects coming up just like what LCWblog AdMin, Jack, is doing.
Adrienne Bailon is currently preparing for her latest show in MTV:
"I’ll be hosting a show on MTV called Afternoons with MTV.
I start February 9th–I’m back to New York and I think we’ll be doing some specials on my album. Regular programming will be going on and on and I’ll be hosting live from 12-5PM every day. It’ll be me just talking about whatever I’m thinking about. I’ll even have artists on the show that I’ll interview. I’m really excited because I think we’re doing like a really big MTV special with my album. My single drops in the summer. My album will be out in September."
For me, an album would really be great for her solo career.
She is also featured in the Sophie Kinsella hit novel-to-movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, soundtrack singing two tracks of it. "Uncontrollable" and "Big Spender"
CLICK HERE to pre-order the soundtrack which will be out on February 17, 2009.

Photo courtesy of LCWblog